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The “Create SharePoint Sites from CSV Script” is a PowerShell script which creates multiple SharePoint sites in bulk from a Comma-separated values (CSV) file. The script also enables you to set permissions on the sites during creation using the same CSV file.

It includes the following features:

  • Choose any site from which to start creating sub-sites
  • Create a full site hierarchy with sub-sites down to three levels from the start site
  • Specify a site title, description, and URL name
  • Specify whether to inherit parent site top navigation bar
  • Specify whether to inherit parent site permissions
  • If breaking permission inheritance, specify whether to add new permissions from scratch or by copying over permissions from the parent site and adding to those
  • Assign site permissions to SharePoint groups, Active Directory users or Active Directory groups, specifying the permission level required
  • Create the specified SharePoint group or Active Directory account in the site, if they do not already exist


One of the advantages of using PowerShell for this tool is the ability for you to customise the script should you wish to add any custom features. Any contributions to new functionality would be welcomed!

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